Mesothelioma Lawyer Quincy IL – Asbestos Lawyer Quincy IL – Lung Cancer Lawyers Quincy IL

Mesothelioma Lawyer Quincy IL – Asbestos Lawyer Quincy IL – Lung Cancer Lawyers Quincy IL

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer as a result of asbestos exposure?  Have you lost a loved one to this terrible disease?  You are not alone.  We are here to help.  Did you know that you may be entitled to settlement and trust fund money to help pay for bills and provide financial security for your family and loved ones?  Call us today Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 to see if you qualify.  Or fill out our online contact form and a Quincy Mesothelioma Lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours to answer any questions you have.  This is a free no obligation consultation.  There are no legal fees or costs to you unless you receive money at the end of the case.  Mesothelioma Lawyer Quincy IL

Asbestos Lawyer Quincy IL

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Mesothelioma Lawyer Quincy IL

State Statistics

Mesothelioma is diagnosed on average over 3,000 times each year. Most of the people being diagnosed were exposed to asbestos many years prior. There were different ways in which someone could be exposed to this mineral that is known to cause mesothelioma: living by an asbestos mine (which have now all been shut down in the U.S.), working with asbestos on the job, or living with someone who inadvertently brought the asbestos fibers home on their clothing or tools.

Asbestos Lung Cancer Lawyer Quincy Illinois

While many studies give statistics for numbers related to mesothelioma throughout the U.S., when taking a closer look it’s easy to see that a few states have much higher rates of diagnosis than others. This can be from certain states that had asbestos mines, certain areas of the country that had plants producing asbestos containing materials, or because of workers in shipyards while in the military.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Quincy IL

The National Institute on Health breaks down the statistics by state based on two factors: the age-adjusted mesothelioma incidence rate per 100,000 people and the average number of cases diagnosed per year for each state. The states with the highest age-adjusted mesothelioma incidence rates are: Washington, Alaska,

West Virginia, New Jersey, and Maine. The states with the highest average number of cases diagnosed per year are: California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Quincy IL – Lung Cancer Lawyer Quincy IL

While looking at the statistics can give a better idea of where the most exposure is, what’s more concerning is the fact that even though asbestos mines throughout the U.S. were shut down and bans were put on a lot of asbestos containing products, there are still many people being diagnosed each year. Knowledge about the link between asbestos and mesothelioma was widespread in the late 1970s. This is around the time the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started to put a ban on certain products containing asbestos. And yet, almost 40 years later, so many people are still being diagnosed with mesothelioma. While there is a long latency period, there are obviously still people being exposed too frequently to asbestos.

Although the ban on asbestos in the U.S. didn’t blanket all products, there is still exposure taking place. People who work in certain occupations are still at risk. For example, welders, mechanics, and construction workers all have a higher chance of contracting mesothelioma. It won’t be until years after the EPA puts a final and complete ban on asbestos that these numbers should begin to drop.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Quincy IL

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer, please contact us today to discuss your options.  Toll Free 1-866-777-2557.  Please call now.

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